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Windows 10 Insider

Hello! I getting a trouble with the new version Curseforge. The thing is i have licensed windows 10 Pro but i'm have insider preview account for my Windows. I like getting the newest builds and test new features. The problem is that the CurseForge don't supported Windows 10 Insider. It's so sad :(

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  • Feb 14 2021
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  • sanda dragon commented
    18 Oct, 2022 03:40am

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    19 May, 2022 07:30am

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  • Guest commented
    19 Feb, 2022 08:50pm

    Asking people to disable windows insider is ridiculous, it shows that you aren't very good at app development if you can't get it to work. There's literally nothing different y'all need to worry about. Stop the blockage.

  • Guest commented
    11 Sep, 2021 12:29pm

    You can see how to re-enable Overwolf on the Insider Program here:

    Hope it helps!

  • Guest commented
    16 Aug, 2021 12:03pm

    I used Curseforge with Win Insider for like 1 year and now its putting out an error?

  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2021 03:21am

    How insanely stupid must you be that you will no longer support this. I have been an insider since darn near the beginning and NEVER had an issue running the program before. I will use other methods of updating mods LONG before I opt out of insider. I can bet most insiders feel the same, so you have just alienated a group of users for no apparent reason.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    17 Feb, 2021 09:53am

    There is currently no plans to support Win Insider.
    You can contact our support for specific more advanced-user instruction if you would like

  • Charles Ward commented
    14 Feb, 2021 10:52pm

    Has to be one of the silliest things i have seen. This is the only program I have seen so far that has this issue with an insider edition.

  • Guest commented
    14 Feb, 2021 04:11pm

    I'm having that same problem. I don't care if CurseForge is not supported. I run Windows 10 Insider because I want to test the new build of Windows 10. So it's hard to test the new build, if CurseForge won't let me test it.