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Increase ticket support speed, increase approval speed for updates, get rid of the mods in the official discord

It is not acceptable to wait 5 days for the approval of AN UPDATE for a modpack with 35k downloads. This is a joke. It got denied once, "one mod is not on curseforge" - we triple checked, they are all there. Now dead silence on any channel. Ticked "processing", discord help is non existant. It is really really hard to believe that you have "the best in mind" for any content authors. Manifests missing mods, we need to manually edit it every update.

It's a real shitshow how toxic the mods in the official discord are, unpolite and unprofessional. There isn't even the need for any example just check any channel and read the last 3 post of any "friendly and helpful community support"

And don't get me started with the CF launcher, the amount of support WE need to do because people have problems with it (game not starting, ghost mod.jars, instances vanishing) is ridiculous . Overwolf starting in the background per default.

We expected this. We had hope. But expectations were met.

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  • Jan 29 2021
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  • Zachary Sheppard commented
    3 Feb, 2021 04:52am

    Right where you are buddy. Im actually uploading my first modpack and it keeps getting rejected because of a bug with their own app. When generating the manifest file there are several mods it will not add to the manifest so its either leave them out (um its my modpack so obviously I want them in there) or upload the file repatedly and ask for support along with it. Still nothing at this point, it would be helpful if we atleast had some archive to look at where we could find the project and field ID's for to reference them ourselves in the manifest. Ive scoured the web trying to find anywhere that I can try to find the required information to manually make my manifest folder but either I am just blind or it doesnt exist and the curse team will just reject my file without helping me at all on the matter. The first time it was rejected they said i needed to "update this mod to its latest version"(umm.. why? ive had major bugs with 35.1.36 which is what the latest version requires ATM and id prefer to have my first modpack be a stable launch so I prefer 35.1.35 where I am not experiencing this issue) and then it started in with the "this mod is hosted by curse forge it needs to be in your manifest not the mods folder"

  • Tim Tower commented
    1 Feb, 2021 12:27pm

    Curseforge is understaffed for an undertaking like it is at the moment.

    Devs are working very hard to fix bugs left and right.

    Support is swamped with tickets about everything, including things that are not related to Curseforge itself.

    Do you prefer to not have mods in the discord at all?