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Make it works

Welp it's just a shitty app tbh, been 3 times those morons swap the app to update addons and everytimes it takes weeks before it started working properly. More then half the time i'm trying to use it i end up just donwloading the addons directly online. At least that way i dont end up with double files, undeleted files from previous version and the for real why the fuck would i care to know directly in the app if i just changed 1 fucking line of code in a lua file. Okay i get if the .toc dont have the proper version it can be usefull but telling me my addon might be corrupt with a tard yellow triangle is turbo useless

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  • Jan 19 2021
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    20 Feb 04:23pm

    Works for me perfectly, and if your making a suggestion like this, telling them to "make it better" atleast be nice, its in BETA, ofcourse its going to be glicthy and not fully complete, they arent morons for trying to make something like this that benifits many people