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Split the resubmit button out when editing a modpack summary/description

The Situation

I tried submitting a pack. It got rejected with a very helpful message explaining why. (Summary and Description were lacking)

I change the summary, click on description tab, but then I go back tothe summary tab to see it reverted and didn't get saved. In order to save that change, I have to resubmit the modpack without including the other changes I needed to make in description.

So I do it, and the helpful message goes away, so now I don't know what was wrong with my description.

The Idea

Make the Resubmit button its own button, allowing me to save changes in the summary, then navigate elsewhere to make changes, and then submit it all at once when I'm ready.

The Why

  1. The message with details about my submission won't go away.

  2. I can ensure the entire modpack is changed before the moderators see it again, thus saving them time (in case I resubmit, they see it instantly, then I have to resubmit again)

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  • Jan 14 2021
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