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An official, well-documented API for CF

The API we scraped from the Twitch launcher was in some... "murky" waters legally and also wasn't that well documented or that efficient.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Aug 12, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey there,

    Hey there, if you've subscribed to this suggestion you can expect to receive an email with a link to a survey by the end of the day (12/8/20) with a few clarification questions.
    We're gathering more information and input what you have in mind and what you require from an API.

    Be sure to check your spam box, and thanks!

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  • Kree Zuhl commented
    14 Oct 12:06pm

    I've created a similar idea at that could use some loving. I think it would help to ensure the survivability of 3rd party launchers while not hurting the promised increased revenue streams. In fact it might help to realize what CF could never accomplish.

  • Dan Murtha commented
    11 Oct 05:59pm

    You guys have a platform with a manager on top. While an official api may decrease the engagement with your manager, it'll enforce your platform's position as a place to get mods. I don't know what your engagement stats are for individual mods but you may be able to get that through the public api transactions. Make it easy for people to have third party manager since there's a demand for them and reduce the likeliness that they will look for other solutions. I jump ship on tech all the time in applications, I view friction as cost and when the juice isn't worth the squeeze we move where it's easiest.

  • Chris Kader commented
    10 Oct 03:37pm

    To add on (pun intended) to this:

    • An official API that supports third party addon managers

    • Discussions towards a paid model (API Key type scenario) for third party addon manager developers.

      • This would allow third party addon managers to still exist while helping to cover the cost the potential revenue missed by users of such addon managers.

    • Integration for addon developers to use public source control repos (Like GitHub) to provide packages for download and the bandwidth overhead for OW.

      • OW still gets the "view" in the their addon manager/website

      • GH provides the bandwidth for the download of the actual addon

      • This type of integration will be fairly complex to implement and will also require addon devs to be familiar with CI/CD automation.

  • Zachary Clingenpeel commented
    3 Aug 09:29pm

    As a dev-in-training, I would LOVE this! I have tried so much to find a documentation on implimenting the Curse stuff into build.gradle for my forge mods, and would be all over a documentation.

  • Adriaan van Zyl commented
    25 Jul 09:56pm

    Please please please make this happen. Most people use the API for discord bots to notify of releases and it would be really awesome to have an official API to use

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